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Two poker rooms where Sit&Go is alive in 2024

Various formats, buy-ins, and leaderboards are available in both rooms — we tell you where you can still play Sit&Go in 2024.

TigerGaming: Mystery Bounty up to $7 + Turbo and Hyper Turbo 6-max and HU up to $60

TigerGaming clearly has no intention of giving up Sit&Go anytime soon. It’s the only room that regularly updates the Sit&Go lobby and adds new formats.

Exclusive format — 6-max Sit&Go Mystery Bounty with buy-ins of $1.50, $3.50, and $7. A smaller portion of the buy-in goes into the tournament prize pool (only the winner receives it), while a larger portion goes into the Mystery Bounty Jackpot pool.

Buy-InPart of buy-in goes to prize poolPart of buy-in goes to Jackpot poolRakeWinners Prize
$1.50$0.30$1.10$0.10 (6,6%)$1.80 + bounty
$3.50$0.70$2.56$0.24 (6,86%)$4.20 + bounty
$7$1.45$5.13$0.42 (6%)$8.70 + bounty

The Sit & Go Mystery Bounty feature involves random rewards for knocking out opponents. The probabilities of bounties being awarded are the same for all limits.


Mystery Bounty Sit and Go is a format for those who love to gamble

We observed several Mystery Bounty Sit & Go games.

Players often went all-in with any two cards in the very first hands.

Players were going all-in with hands like K2s, Q2o, 54s in the $1.50 Sit&Go’s.

Players approached the choice of starting hands slightly tighter, choosing suited/unsuited connectors and suited/unsuited aces in the $7 Sit&Go’s .

The first hand in $7 Sit&Go

Players received bounties worth approximately 1/3 of the buy-in most of the time.

The main action in Mystery Bounty Sit&Go at all limits starts after 12:00 ET. There is almost no play during early morning hours, or it is only in $1.50 tournaments.

Turbo and hyper 6-max, 8-max, DoN, and HU are standard formats on TigerGaming

TigerGaming offers regular Sit & Go formats with buy-ins ranging from $1.50 to $60 in addition to Mystery Bounty. There are:

  • Heads-up Turbo and Hyper Turbo (with levels of 4 and 2 minutes respectively)
  • DoN 4-max, 8-max Turbo (with levels of 5 minutes)
  • 8-max, 6-max Turbo and Hyper Turbo (with levels of 5 and 3 minutes respectively).

In November, Turbo Sit & Go games in PLO8 format returned to the lobby, featuring 8-max with buy-ins ranging from $1.50 to $60. The most popular buy-ins are $1.50, $3.50, and $7.


Like with Mystery Bounty, the main gameplay starts from 12:00 ET. It’s not possible to load a full session across multiple tables during the early morning.

Weekly race for Sit&Go players on TigerGaming

To participate in the race, you need to go to the “My Mission” section or the “Cashier” — “Contests” and click “Opt In.”

This promo is not regular. Check if it is available in “My Mission” section

The rules and prizes for the race change every week.

PokerKing: Hyper Turbo 6-max with buy-ins up to $103,7

PokerKing also has no plans to get rid of Sit&Go. Compared to TigerGaming, here:

  • More limits: from $0.55 to $215
  • More games: NLHE, PLO, and PLO8 available
  • More speeds: Regular, Turbo, and Hyper Turbo (with levels of 10, 5, and 2 minutes respectively)
  • No heads-ups
  • Features MT SNGs for 18 and 27 people, as well as “On Demand” SNGs in 8-max format.”
$31,1 Sit&Go

As with TigerGaming, games on PokerKing start after 12:00 ET. Mainly, hyper-turbo 6-max tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $10 to $80 are loaded. Regular and turbo SNGs are loaded up to $15.

Sit & Crush: weekly rake race for Sit&Go and Jackpot players

The race starts on Saturday at 00:00 ET and runs until 23:59 ET the following Friday. There is no need to register for it.

The prize pool of the promotion is cumulative, with 25% of the rake from each tournament being contributed to it.

Points are awarded for participating in tournaments: 5 points for every $1 in the prize pool of the promotion.

For example: SNG for $215 ($200 in the prize pool + $15 rake). From the $15 rake, $3.75 is directed to the Sit & Crush prize pool. The player earns $3.75 * 5 = 18.75 points. The number of points awarded for participation can be seen in the tournament lobby.

The prize pool of the promotion is cumulative. From every $3,500 in the prize pool, prizes are distributed:

  • 1st prize of $500
  • 2 prizes of $250 each
  • 5 prizes of $125 each
  • 12 prizes of $50 each
  • The remaining $875 is transferred to the prize pool of the next race.

In addition to the cash prize, the top players in the race receive a $95 Beast & SnC Satellite ticket. This satellite awards tickets to the $2,650 The Venom, as well as packages to offline series.