Cookie Policy

When you visit our site, please be informed that we may collect data from your devices through cookies and similar technologies. These tools serve various purposes, notably enhancing your browsing experience. Our goal here is to offer a clear understanding of what cookies are, their importance, and how they’re employed on our site, alongside how you can manage them and address the use of ad-blocking technologies.

Cookies are small text files downloaded to your device upon visiting a website, which are then returned by your web browser on subsequent visits. This category also includes web beacons and flash cookies, which aid in web page access tracking and interactive content delivery, respectively. These technologies enable the collection of personal information in a manner outlined below.

We use the term “cookies” to broadly refer to all such technologies that store data in your browser or collect personal information, aiding in your identification.

Cookies serve to improve online experiences by facilitating more effective delivery of relevant content and functionalities on our websites. They come in various forms – session, persistent, and local storage, each performing distinct functions. For instance, session cookies enhance navigation efficiency and remember preferences during your website visit, while persistent cookies aid in recognizing you as a repeat visitor.

Cookies on our site are used in two ways: “first-party” cookies placed by us and “third-party” cookies placed by others. These are employed for several purposes, including monitoring browsing habits and delivering tailored content.

Cookies are categorized into strictly necessary, functionality, performance, and third-party marketing/targeting cookies, each serving specific roles from enabling basic site navigation to collecting information for advertising purposes.

You have control over the use of cookies through your browser settings, where you can block or delete them. It’s important to note, however, that blocking cookies may impact the functionality of the website.

For those using ad-blocking technologies, be aware that they may hinder our ability to prompt you for cookie management or affect the richness of your user experience. We encourage reviewing your cookie settings if ad-blocking is disabled to ensure an enhanced browsing experience.

For further management of your cookie preferences or if you wish to change your settings, please contact us. Keep in mind, changing or withdrawing consent for certain cookies might leave them on your device in a disabled state, preventing further collection by us.

For more detailed information on managing cookies, including how to remove them from your device, we advise consulting the instructions provided by your web browser or visiting for a comprehensive guide.