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The best poker rooms for beginners in 2024

We selected the rooms according to several criteria: bonuses and promotions for new players, freerolls, availability of games at micro-limits up to NL/PL10, as well as MTTs with low AFS.

Important: we only talk about bonuses for beginner players. But all the rooms from the article have bonuses for the first deposit – read more about them in the room reviews (click on the name of the room in the text).

GGPoker: Honeymoon for Newcomers

Within a month after registration, all new GGPoker players have access to the “Honeymoon” promotion. The promotion must be activated in the “My Promotions” – “Honeymoon” section.

Every day for 30 days the player receives one mission per day. For successfully completing missions, the player receives tickets to tournaments, tournament dollars and cash. The total reward for all 30 missions is $350.

Missions completeReward
32 x $0.50 AoF Sit&Go Ticket
51 x $2.50 Global MILLION$ Satellite Ticket
77 x $0.50 AoF Sit&Go Ticket
101 x $5 Omaholic MILLION$ Satellite Ticket
231 x Global MILLION$ $50, $1M GTD [Day 1] Ticket
251x Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ $54, $250K GTD [Stage 1] Ticket

The list of missions is different. According to the experience of other players, it is almost impossible to complete all 30 because there is incredibly difficult missions like “Win ​​Bounty MTT”. But all the rest are easy.

General overview of the game for beginners at GGPoker

GGPoker is the largest poker room. GGPoker has more games than any other room.

  • Cash (including fast poker) up to NL/PL10, Shortdeck cash up to A$0.10 can be played at any time.
  • There are also exclusive formats – Battle Royale for $0.25; $1 and $3 and Flip&Go for $0.05; $0.50 and $5.
  • MTT is available at any time. The main feature is that the fields are larger than in other rooms. In June, GGPoker hosts a microFestival series with tournaments up to $25 buy-ins.

PokerKing: daily freerolls for everyone

A freeroll with a $50 guarantee starts every 3 hours at PokerKing. Moreover, the types of poker in these freerolls change every day. For example: today there are freerolls on PLO, tomorrow on PLO8, and after tomorrow on NLHE.

General overview of the game for beginners on PokerKing

  • NLHE cash up to NL10 is available at any time. There is also play on PL2 and PL5 in regular Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Five Card Omaha and Five Card Omaha Hi-Lo.
  • Fast poker is played around the clock at NL10.
  • There are Sit&Go 6-max and 9-max up to $5, including PLO8.
  • There are a lot of MTTs. Mostly tournaments attract up to 500 participants. There are unusual MTTs, for example, the multi-flight $2.50 The Dream $100K GTD – the winner will receive $15,000.

RedStar Poker: $25 instant deposit bonus and exclusive freeroll for Pokeroff players

Exclusively only when registering from Pokeroff, players receive an instant bonus of $25 on their first deposit of $25 and maximum rakeback from the first day of playing in the room. To receive a bonus, register in the room, make a deposit of $25 and get another $25 for free. To receive a bonus, write to the manager.

Every Friday RedStar hosts a POKEROFF FREEROLL with a prize pool of €50. Only players registered with Pokeroff can get into this freeroll.

Also, every day at 13:00 UTC there is a public €25 Daily Freeroll.

General overview of the game for beginners on RedStar

  • There is a game up to NL/PL10 at any time, but most people gather after 19:00 UTC. There is also a Shortdeck with A€0.04 (important: the three of a kind is higher than the straight).
  • MTTs up to €5 go on around the clock. Basically, tournaments collect up to 300 entries, there are no big fields.
  • Unusual tournaments, such as the multiflight €2 Big Deuce KO €10K GTD can be found there.
  • There are also sit-and-gos up to €5 – mainly 6-max DoN and 9-max Turbo.

TigerGaming and BetOnline: MTT without big fields, sit and go in NLHE and PLO8

TigerGaming and BetOnline do not have special bonuses for beginners, but there are many amateur players from America, and MTTs attract fewer participants than in other rooms.

General overview of the game for beginners on TigerGaming and BetOnline

  • NL/PL10 cash is available on TigerGaming and BetOnline at any time.
  • Fast poker NL10 is also available at any time. PL10 is not being played.
  • There are big fields in MTT. On average, tournaments up to $5 collect 200 entries.
  • There are sit-and-gos up to $7 – mostly 8-max DoN, heads-up, 9-max turbo. Sit and Go’s take place in NLHE and PLO8.

888poker: $8 no deposit bonus

888poker is the only room in 2024 that still has a no deposit bonus.

The bonus consists of:

  • 40 tickets with $0.10 buy-in
  • 4 tickets with $1 buy-in

To receive a bonus, you need to click on the link “Request $8 Bonus” within 2 weeks after registration – the letter will arrive immediately after registration.

The bonus is awarded in three parts:

  • $2 in the form of 10 tickets for $0.10 and 1 for $1 – immediately after activating the bonus.
  • $2 in the form of 10 tickets for $0.10 and 1 for $1 – 3 days after activation.
  • $4 in the form of 20 tickets for $0.10 and 2 for $1 – 7 days after activation.

You have 90 days to use the bonus after the bonus funds are credited to your account.

Immediately after making a deposit at 888poker, players get access to various freerolls, and every day, after entering the room, players spin the “wheel of fortune”, in which tickets for freerolls most often appear.

General overview of the game for beginners on 888poker

  • Cash up to NL10 is available at any time. Cash up to PL10 is collected in the evening after 15:00 UTC.
  • Fast poker at NL5 is available at any time.
  • There are no big fields in MTT. On average, tournaments up to $5 attract up to 200 entries.

If you want to start playing in any room from this article, write to our manager.