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The Best home workout gear for poker players

Some players plan their workouts away from home; they visit public gyms and outdoor spaces, attend different sections, and engage in strenuous team sports. Some people would rather work out alone, therefore I've gathered information in this post about the best workout gear and how to use it at home specifically for them.

A poker player is one of the few careers that require persistent sitting in the same place as well as a strong desire for physical exercise.

Some players plan their workouts away from home; they visit public gyms and outdoor spaces, attend different sections, and engage in strenuous team sports. Some people would rather work out alone, therefore I’ve gathered information in this post about the best workout gear and how to use it at home specifically for them.

Is home training beneficial?

In terms of outcomes, working out at home can be just as effective as working out at the gym if you have the proper equipment.

In addition, a 2021 study on people’s activities at home during the pandemic revealed that working out at home has a lot of benefits over travelling to the gym:

  • Since they don’t have to go between their home and the gym or other public place to workout, people have more control over their schedules. The same rationale underlies the increased frequency and improved adherence to the training regimen;
  • People train more diversely at home on average because they are less likely to be shy in social situations, particularly if their physical characteristics or size deviate from those of the socially acceptable kind;
  • When working out at home, people are more conscious of their emotions since they are concentrating only on themselves. They wish to avoid impressing people and fitting in with other people’s training expectations while they are in a private setting;
  • The level of hygiene at home is also higher than in gyms or outdoors since a person can use the shower, which is shared by a small number of people, immediately after training. He doesn’t have to go to a public area with an unknown level of cleanliness, and he may wash his sportswear right immediately rather than carrying it home in a bag or bag.

Home workouts, on the other hand, necessitate far more discipline and caution because they occur at:

  • Without the physical presence of a trainer — although you can bring in an instructor online, he will not be present to aid you with the proper execution of specific exercises or back you up;
  • In an atmosphere with many distractions, it is more simpler to get distracted by pets, dogs, children, TV, social networks, and so on;
  • Without the “social contract” effect, no one watches your workout and doesn’t follow you, making it much simpler to indulge or disregard your technique;
  • With the necessity to accept full responsibility for the training organization. This has an impact not only on the plan’s careful execution, but also on the establishment of the correct atmosphere, which includes adequate ventilation, the appropriate air temperature and humidity, and adherence to hygiene standards.

A trainer and your doctor should be consulted before beginning home training, taking into account all the benefits and drawbacks.

Why is sports gear necessary for poker players?

  • Effectively burn calories;
  • Strengthen muscles, ligaments, and joints;
  • Enhance blood circulation;
  • Raise metabolism;
  • Ease tension after gaming sessions;
  • Boost bone density;
  • Boost lung capacity;
  • Boost posture, balance, and coordination;
  • Take up active meditation.

Step Platform: Helping the Laziest of the Lazy

For people who are not ready to move too much but yet want to give themselves a modest cardio load, a compact platform with height adjustment is an excellent gadget.

Step platforms are essentially like climbing a ladder, however you are in charge of choosing how fast and how high the steps are.

Five Advantages of a Step Platform

  1. Compactness — step platforms are typically no more than 100 cm in length and 45 cm in breadth.
  2. Minimal joint stress — even when exercising at a fast speed, the joints are not as stressed as they would be on a treadmill or exercise bike. Simultaneously, joint mobility is positively impacted by the particulars of step platform training.
  3. Safety — when conducting step platform exercises, there is minimal risk of harm, particularly if safety procedures are observed.
  4. Ability to change the load over time — you can change the kind, speed, and other relevant parameters of your exercises on the step platform. For instance, you can begin by only climbing up and down the platform. Once that becomes simple, you can increase the platform’s height, quicken the pace, or add weights.
  5. Very little risk of overtraining. It’s almost hard to overwork yourself into pain when conducting exercises on a step platform as long as you follow the guidelines, which include wearing appropriate footwear and clothes, getting plenty of fresh air in the area, and gradually increasing the volume of movements.

Step Platform’s Five Negative aspects

  1. It is not appropriate for all individuals — anyone with recent spine or joint injuries, hernias, arthrosis, cardiovascular, kidney, or liver disorders, excessive obesity, or varicose veins should avoid using it;
  2. Buying specific shoes is necessary because not every sneaker is appropriate for step platform training. The minimal specifications include a thick sole with a cushioning effect, a non-slip coating that curves beneath the foot, and a snug fit around the ankle with ankle attached.
  3. It works best as a push-up or plank rest; it is not very helpful for developing the back and shoulder girdle.
  4. Requires continual weight management — due to the high aerobic load when utilizing a step platform, you need to constantly monitor weight reduction. You should stop and see a doctor if it turns out that you are losing more than 1 kg of weight per week.
  5. The vestibular system is overworked because climbing stairs demands vigorous walking, and the step platform forces the body to sustain a pretty high level of balance all the time. Such training may result in dizziness, loss of orientation in space, and even vasovagal fainting (a condition in which there is a darkening of the eyes and disorientation but no loss of consciousness) if you are prone to seasickness.

How to Decide on the Platform for Your First Step

The first rule of thumb is the size of your foot: the shoe foot should fit entirely on the platform with a 1-2 centimeter margin on either side. Therefore, 35 cm will be enough of breadth if the foot is smaller than a size 39, and up to 40 cm if it is larger.

Length should only be considered in relation to the comfortable space between your legs when walking and ascending stairs; it is not a significant factor. Standard lengths range from 80 to 120 centimeters.

Additionally, the platform must be able to sustain your weight while accounting for jumps.

The quantity of levels, or the maximum height of the platform, is also chosen specifically in response to your request. A platform with three levels, each measuring five centimeters high, is preferable for beginners since it will last longer before needing to be replaced with a taller one.

The Ultimate Exercise Bike for Poker Players

If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting down and you don’t plan on giving it up to be in better shape, a stationary exercise bike is perfect for you.

If chosen properly, it is a safer substitute for a traditional bicycle that yet yields comparable outcomes.

Five Benefits of a Workout Cycle

  1. Lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease Regular driving lowers this risk by 50%, as demonstrated by a number of US and UK studies.
  2. An even load on a wide range of muscles: most exercise bikes require you to use your quadriceps, thigh, calf, foot, lower back, abs, and a portion of your back and arms in order to cycle.
  3. Absence of impact stress on the feet: Since you do not run, jump, or stroll, your foot does not come into contact with the machine’s surface and does not sustain internal tissue injury.
  4. Improved balance: An exercise bike does not overstress the vestibular system, in contrast to a standard bicycle and step platform. Its small, steady load and progressive rise teach the body to better maintain equilibrium in the event of an unplanned shift in body position in space.
  5. Avoidance of genitourinary system illnesses. Exercise bikes dramatically improve blood flow in the pelvic region, minimizing blood stagnation and facilitating timely and continuous nutrient delivery and cell renewal. As a result, the excretory system’s and genitals’ immunity strengthens and becomes more resilient to risk factors.

5 Negative aspects of a Training Bike

  1. Stress on the knee joints: In contrast to the step platform, the requirement to overcome pedal resistance at a specific body position has no positive impact on the knee joints condition.
  2. A lengthy list of contraindications, including osteochondrosis, hypertension, various chronic cardiovascular illnesses, knee injuries or wear and tear, spine protrusions and hernias, migraines, diabetes mellitus, and asthma.
  3. Dimensions: Even the most basic upright exercise bike needs 0.6 square meters (50 cm long by 120 cm high), however certain models can take up to 3 square meters (190 cm long by 150 cm high, for instance).
  4. The cost is that you will need to spend at least $100 on an exercise bike with handlebars and a seat that is mediocre but still functional. Step platforms are quite an awesome inventory for this price, in contrast.
  5. With so many options available for exercise bikes, making a decision on your own might be challenging. They can be mechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic, vertical, horizontal, with or without seats, for speed or endurance training, equipped with an orbitrek (which mimics a skier’s movements), and so forth.

How to select your first-ever exercise cycle

Choose how much area it can have and why you really need it.

If your main goal is to maintain your physical fitness with consistent, low-intensity “rides” and you are not obese, then pick a traditional vertical exercise bike that has adjustable pedal resistance.

Select a horizontal exercise bike with a full-fledged chair to lessen the strain on your back if you are obese or suffer from back issues.

If you ride a bike regularly and have the necessary experience, you should check into speed bikes, which are specialized exercise bikes with strengthened areas that replicate fast riding with more pedal effort.

If you are seeking for a machine for careful rehabilitation after an injury, we advise taking just those little machines without a frame, seat, or handles.

Treadmill: helpful, but use caution

Poker players love their treadmills. Jason Koon enjoys using them for extended periods of time and Kevin Martin uses them for regular training.

Five Benefits of a Treadmill

  1. You can use it to work on a PC on the track by selecting the appropriate size moving canvas and setting up a height-adjustable table (unlike a bike, where you require hands, and step platforms, where you move too furiously).
  2. Running in controlled conditions means you won’t run into pedestrians or strollers, and you won’t have to slow down to avoid them or avoid running into stones on the track. You can also run without worrying about car exhaust or cigarette smoke blowing out of the window and into your face.
  3. Complex strain on the musculoskeletal system: when running correctly, all of the body’s bones and ligaments work together to promote synchronized movement and help the body maintain its position in space.
  4. Program Variability: A lot of the tracks come with built-in running programs (such as speed, terrain simulation, and degree of ascent), which expands the range and kind of load that may be used.
  5. Good shock absorption: Because the treadmill can absorb up to 40% of the vibrations caused by the impact of your foot on the belt, you can suffer less damage from an impact load.

5 Negative aspects from a Treadmill

  1. Restricted use: You can only run and walk on the treadmill. As a result, she has very few options for exercises that don’t work a large portion of her body’s muscles.
  2. High danger of injury: There’s a big chance of falls, dislocations, and more serious injuries when there’s a shifting canvas beneath your feet.
  3. Strict devotion to the running technique is necessary- otherwise, you risk suffering from numerous injuries and inciting the onset of diseases affecting several body systems, rather than recovering.
  4. Dimensions: the treadmill requires at least 2 square meters of area to work out comfortably with the canvas lowered, even when folded.
  5. Noise level: While using a treadmill, noise levels are produced by both the machine’s mechanical sounds and the impact load, which causes the floor to thud.

How to Select the Right Treadmill for You

In contrast to exercise bikes, treadmills are only classified as mechanical, magnetic, or electrical. There are no further classifications for treadmills. The kind dictates the mechanism of the track’s operation, which in turn dictates the price and the track’s smoothness of movement—the user’s exertion, the interaction of magnets, or electricity.

Regarding the measurements, the width and length of the canvas should be selected based on your height (which dictates how long your stride will be) as well as the reason you are purchasing the track.

For Specific Exercises, Use the Roman Bench, Chair, and Hyperextension

Foldable equipment that can be used for leg, back, and ab exercises include the hyperextension, Roman bench, and Roman chair.

A chair has a right angle, a bench has an acute angle, and a hyperextension has one straight line.

For poker players who want a tool for a point load on a certain body part but aren’t interested in engaging in a lot of other types of physical exercise, simulators are ideal.

Five Advantages of the Roman Chair, Bench, and Hyperextension

  1. You can increase the difficulty of your workouts and increase the pressure on your back and abs by adjusting the bench’s angle.
  2. Exercises are done in a single location; all you have to do is put up a bench, select an inclination angle, and begin working out your back and abs. You don’t have to squat, run, or stroll.
  3. Training on the bench helps target the lower back and abdomen, which are heavily impacted by a sedentary lifestyle and are common problem areas for poker players.
  4. Simple to operate: no complicated training instructions, no plug-in setup required, and control over replaceable parts make it easy to use.
  5. Appropriate for those with problematic joints: People with the correct model can use benches, chairs, and hyperextension for training even if they have chronic disorders of the joints or even the entire legs because the load on the legs is minimal.

5 Negative aspects of the Chair, Roman Bench, and Hyperextension

  1. Not appropriate for those with no prior sports experience. A Roman bench will not be particularly useful if you are an experienced exerciser or if you have not exercised in a long time. But there’s a big chance of getting hurt. This simulator is intended for people who wear a muscular corset of some kind and is necessary for the continued growth of physical form rather than its initial formation.
  2. Restricted workout options. Not all body muscles can be worked at different loads using the simulator. It’s made to work your abs and back with weights or dumbbells and your own body weight.
  3. Small choice — this type of gym equipment contains only a Roman bench, a Roman chair and hyperextension, which do not replace each other. Simultaneously, investing in universal benches, which integrate all three of these pieces of equipment’s functions without breaking the bank, results in a heavy simulator that is worthless and falls short of providing the required load in every direction.
  4. Risk of injury. The workouts on the simulator must be done at an angle without using a rigid fixation. This raises the risk of sprains and falls.
  5. Dimensions. When unfolded, it takes up approximately 1 square meter, although more than 2 square meters may be needed to accommodate human mobility.

Which would be better, hyperextension or a Roman bench?

Training in an inclined position with the legs fixed at an acute angle to the torso requires the use of a Roman bench. Its functionality is limited to activities for the abdomen region.

Training the abdominal muscles, together with the back and gluteal muscles, requires the use of a Roman chair. Training is more effective and less likely to cause harm when the legs are locked at a right angle to the body.

Exercises that stretch the muscles of the back, buttocks, back of the thigh, and, to a lesser extent, the abs, require hyperextension in order to deflect the lower back. While hyperextension helps you stretch securely and with less strain on your muscles in the event of lumbar injuries, it does not enhance muscle mass like benches and chairs do.

Why It’s Better to Use Strength Trainers in the Gym?

A large portion of the home fitness equipment market in 2023 will be dominated by different strength training machines and complexes.

They let you engage in strength training to increase your muscle mass and physical strength.

But using these simulators without a trainer’s supervision and without strictly adhering to the training guidelines can result in extremely serious injuries.

Furthermore, choosing strength training equipment is important and should consider an individual’s unique qualities as well as their health. There are many possibilities available for these types of simulators.

With a specific set of equipment, the multifunctional station enables you to perform an intricate full-body workout- nevertheless, it is quite heavy, takes up to three square meters, and limits your range of motion.

Additionally, you may lift weights easily and safely with the Smith Machine, a vertical machine that resembles a frame with a fixed barbell. However, it can only be used in one direction, which restricts the range of workouts and muscular development possibilities.

Power frames that don’t have a fixed barbell allow you to train with big weights in any direction, but they take up a lot of space.

It is best for poker players to utilize strength complexes and simulators only after a medical assessment and under the supervision of a trainer in the gym, as they are made for lifting weights, which is a fairly dangerous activity in and of itself.

So, how about you? What kind of physical activities do you participate in? And do you prefer home exercising with equipment or going to the gym