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30 best poker tips from Reddit users

“What advice do you wish you had received when you first started playing poker? What single thought most changed your understanding of the game?” Reddit users shared their wisdom and insights in a recent discussion. We’ve compiled 30 of the most interesting and helpful tips.

1. Automate the game on pre-flop. People say they “have their charts” but what if you have an early open for 5x or a min open and 2 callers. What do you do with your range in these situations. How do your ranges change when you are 200bb deep vs 100bb deep. What do you change when you notice someone opening too loose or too tight. What do you do when they are 3bet calling too much or not 3betting enough. What is your cold 4betting range with a CO open and BTN 3bet. The list goes on and on.

All of these things change and you need to be really dynamic and do a lot of work on this stuff. Because….most mistakes are made preflop.

I think people THINK that they understand preflop play but you quickly realize they do not. And it’s probably one of if not the most important fundamentals to master.

The plus of doing this is you no longer waste mental energy on these types of decisions and can focus on other areas.

2. Folding Strength: Any fool can win with the nuts. Can you lay down the second or third nuts? Think about those tough folds, not just chasing the best hand.

3. Walk Away: Had a rough night and only $100 left? Don’t chase losses. Grab some good food, head home, and recharge.

4. River Reads: Can’t think of any bluffs your opponent might have when they bet or raise big on the river? They’re likely betting for value, unless they’re a wild card.

5. Track Your Game: Keep a record of your sessions. Be honest with yourself.

6. Always Have Outs: In poker and in life.

7. Observe After Folding: Learn tells, leaks, and how to exploit them.

8. Bet/Fold at Low Limits: It’s better than check/calling.

9. Downswings Happen: Variance is real, be prepared for the rough patches.

10. Adapting Your Game: What works at low stakes might not work at higher limits.

11. Patience is Key: Want action? Play blackjack. Learn to fold those mediocre hands, become a master of folding.

12. Bankroll Management: Stick to your limits, unless you

13. Don’t be afraid to fold and leave the table if there are no weak players left. 

14. Always bet with a plan for the hand. Think about what you’ll do if your opponent raises.

15. Don’t reveal a weak hand by insta-checking or insta-calling. 

16. Don’t play at stakes lower than 1/2. Don’t try to build a bankroll from 1/2. Better to spend time at a regular job and go straight to playing 2/5. If you can’t hold your own at 2/5, start over. I regret the hundreds of hours I spent at 1/2. It took me several attempts to establish myself at 2/5. But once I did, I never played lower stakes again.

17. Ditch the blockers and randomization tools. In live poker, players (even pros) are unbalanced, so forget about trying to achieve perfect randomness.

18. Pay close attention to showdowns. I’ve encountered seemingly pro-level Asian players who, at showdown, reveal hands like 8-4 offsuit.

19. Observe players to your left. It’s surprising how often opponents unintentionally give away their hand before it’s their turn to act.

20. Your reputation is everything. You won’t get invited to high-stakes games or tournaments without a solid reputation.

21. This applies to 1/2, 1/3, and 5/5 limits: disciplined ABC poker will be your biggest win-rate contributor. Sure, everyone dreams of cracking an opponent’s King-high and scooping a massive pot, but those situations are rare. In most cases, disciplined play is what will make you a winner. Many players simply lack discipline.

22. Play tight against loose opponents, and loose against tight ones. Don’t try to out-aggress a loose-aggressive player.

23. Study the game. Aim for 1 hour of theory for every 3 hours of play.

24. Being a poker pro is boring. During an 8-hour session, you’ll barely gather 15 minutes’ worth of interesting hands.

25. You can’t win if you’re afraid to lose. You shouldn’t be scared to put all your chips in the middle.

26. Trust your intuition. Your first feeling is 90% correct. Don’t overthink the hand.

27. Don’t be a nit. It’s not about a narrow opening range, it’s about enjoying the game. Don’t switch seats for better positions. Order drinks for other opponents. Add a bit of gamble to the game (like actually flipping a coin). And sometimes show your hole cards. Make the game fun and enjoyable for everyone.

28. Write down big hands you’ve won or lost and analyze them. Ask yourself: what did I do well or badly in this hand? What could I have done better?

29. Don’t play small pots at low limits because of the huge rake.

30. Meditation, proper nutrition, good sleep, and sports will increase your win rate more than any strategy tips.