Unibet Poker: change your nickname up to three times a day

Unibet Poker is an unusual poker room, focusing on anonymity and protection amateurs.

Unibet Bonuses

Welcome Bonus €200. Includes several cash game bonuses and 4 €500 Welcome Freeroll tickets. Bonus is credited after registration. Bonus valid for 35 to 60 days, depending on the type of tickets.

To view all special offers go to «POKER» — «Poker Offers» on the website.

Loyalty program

There is no direct rakeback. The Unibet Poker loyalty program is based on receiving special points (Challenge Points), which are awarded for completing various types of challenges in cash and Sit&Go, as well as for paying rake in MTT and HexaPro Holdem. 1 Challenge Point = €0.01 rake.

Challenges change every quarter and are divided into two types:

  • Minor consisting of simple tasks with smaller rewards
  • Major consisting of more complex tasks and greater rewards. To get points for the challenge, you need to complete the task the required number of times.

The number of points depend on the discipline, type of game, limits and buy-ins.

Challenge Points can be converted into Bonus Points and other prizes (for example, new avatars). The exchange rate and progress in accumulating points are tracked in the client through the «CHALLENGES» section.

Missions are a source of bonus points and other rewards in addition to challenges.

Bonus points can be exchanged for tickets for cash, SNG and MTT of different denominations, and also converted into cash. All available products are located in the client’s «BONUS SHOP» tab.

Unibet Rake

  • HexaPro Holdem = 6.853%
  • MTT =10%
  • Heads Up Sit-and-Play = 3%
  • 5-max Sit-and-Play = 5%
  • Banzai Texas = 1% with the cap = €3.

Cash Game Rake depends on the limit and discipline.

NLHE Cash Game Rake

BlindsRake NLHECap NLHE
NL 42%€0.5
NL 103.5%€1
NL 254.5%€2
NL 505.5%€2
NL 1006%€3
NL 2006%€3
NL 4006%€3

PLO Cash Game Rake

BlindsRake NLHECap NLHE
PL 42%€0.5
PL 103%€1.5
PL 253%€2.5
PL 503.5%€3
PL 1006%€3
PL 2006%€3
PL 4006%€3

Banzai Texas Rake

BlindsRake NLHECap NLHE
NL 102%€0.25
NL 502%€0.50
NL 2002.5%€1
NL 5002.5%€1.5
NL 1K2.5%€2

More about Unibet Poker

There are different types of games on Unibet Poker.

HexaPro is a Jackpot Sit&Go (like Spin&Go) in a 3-max format with buy-ins from €1 to €100 and a random prize pool of up to €100K.

Probabilities of different multipliers

MultiplierProbability per 100,000 games

If the multiplier is 10x or higher, the prize fund is divided among the tournament participants as follows:

  • 1st place – 80%
  • 2nd place – 12%
  • 3rd place – 8%

The multiplier you get affects the duration of the blind levels:

  • х1.5 — 1 minute
  • х3 — 2 minutes
  • х5 and х10 — 3 minutes
  • х25, х100 and х1,000 — 4 minutes

Cash Games — NLHE & PLO from €0.02/0.04 to €2/4.

Banzai Texas — NLHE cash with 10bb max stack from €0.05/0.10 to €5/10

Sit&Go — only Heads Up and 5-max from €1 to €200 buy in.

MTT — NLHE and PLO from freerolls to €1,100 buy in.

Deposit and Cashout

Deposit and withdrawal methods depend on the player’s country.

Unibet accepts Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller.

Unibet Poker Software

There are many recreational players who come to play for fun. Unibet Poker gives everyone the opportunity to change their nickname and avatar at any time to protect amateurs from regular players.

Third-party software (Trackers and HUDs) is not allowed on Unibet.

Although the client’s lobby is designed in rather dull colors, this style does not apply to the tables. Design can be changed to suit the user’s taste.

There are Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and web versions of Unibet software.

How to register on Unibet

  1. Open Unibet website by clicking link at this page.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Confirm registration. Check your email. Unibet Poker will send you an email with a link to confirm your email.
  4. Download the client and install it.
  5. Log in and play. Launch the client after installation, log in and start playing