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PPPoker is a club app for playing poker against recreational players. Within the platform, there are clubs from India, the USA, and so on.

PPPoker Bonuses

PPPoker has its own unique bonuses for players, which are usually linked to some special events or promotions, but type and amount of other bonuses for other games vary between different clubs and agents.

Loyalty Program

On PPPoker, players can have rakeback from their clubs and agents. As of March 29th, 2024 in Pokeroff partner clubs percantage of rakeback varies from 40% to 65% plus additional up to 5% from Pokeroff as an agent.

Rake in PPPoker

Most PPPoker clubs take the same percantage of rake — 5% from all tables and game formats. The cap varies between limits and clubs, mostly ranging between 2 and 5 BB. However, in some clubs, the rake and cap can go up to 8% and 8 BB respectively.

PPPoker review

PPPoker is a mobile poker platform with cash games up to NL5000 against recreational players from all over the world. The game is run in clubs with limited access provided by Pokeroff. Regulars come here for the soft player pool and the opportunity to play with Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brazilians, and other people who play for fun.

You can play in the app on mobile devices and PC. Cash tables on PPPoker offer NLH, PLO, and OFC (Chinese poker).

The maximum and minimum limits vary between clubs. For example, in Pokeroff partner clubs, the range is:

  • For NLH — from NL4 to NL5K;
  • For PLO (including PLO5, PLO6, etc) — from PL10 to PL5K.

In addition to cash games, PPPoker clubs also offer MTTs, Sit & Go, and SPINUP (Spin & Go) for popular game types. Moreover, some clubs provide access to special games that are not available in other apps and rooms — for example, Pusoy or Seka — but they are less popular.

The peak time for playing in most clubs is 22:00 GMT, but the VIP manager can find a club with high activity almost at any time of the day.

Pokeroff partner unions and clubs in PPPoker (current list as of 29.03.2024)

Important! The map of Pokeroff partner clubs is regularly being updated — you can get up-to-date information from the Pokeroff VIP manager.

Pinoy DonksPrime Mania
Nuts El DoradoexTrude
MMxHSPNexus Club
YamalWhite Fish
RomanoGipsy PH
Kingdom Of PokerCompass
DoubleRublePrivate Jet
Edgeville Bank (independent)

Registration and playing in PPPoker

To create account, you need to contact Pokeroff VIP manager. They will help you create an account and provide access to our partner clubs.

You can play at three tables from one account. For multitabling, you need to create multiple accounts. This is not prohibited by the rules. The main thing is that the accounts should not play on the same table.

Hand2Note version and above support the PPPoker client.

The text is up to date as of March 29th, 2024.