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PokerBros is an app for playing poker, a closed club system with deposits and cashouts through partners.

PokerBROS Bonuses

PokerBROS has its own unique bonuses for playing in chips, but type and amount of other bonuses for other games vary between different clubs and agents.

Loyalty Program

PokerBROS loyalty program awards players with cosmetic add-ons like emojis, table themes and etc for playing in chips. You can also be rewarded for other types of games by your club or agent on different and unique terms.

For example, as of March 29th, 2024 in Pokeroff partner clubs percantage of rakeback varies from 35% to 50% plus additional up to 5% from Pokeroff as an agent.

Rake in PokerBROS

The rake persentage on PokerBROS varies between clubs — as of March 29, 2024, in Pokeroff partner clubs, it ranges from 3% to 8%. Most clubs have a rake of 5% or 6% for all games.

The rake cap is also determined by the club and varies by limits — for example, in clubs of the Pan-American Union:

  • From NL/PL10 to NL/PL60 — rake is 6%, cap is 8 BB;
  • NL/PL100 — 6% and 5 BB;
  • From NL200 to NL800 — 5% and 3 BB;
  • NL1K — 5% and 2 BB;
  • OFC (Chinese poker / Pineapple) — 5% and 3 BB;
  • Short Deck — 5% and 3 antes;
  • PLO H/L, as well as from PL200 for PLO5 and PLO6 — 5% and 2 BB.

The percentage of rake from each pot is taken proportionally to each player’s contribution. Moreover, rake is only taken from hands that reach the flop and beyond.

PokerBROS review

PokerBROS is an application working as a network of poker clubs with restricted access, similar to PPPoker and Upoker.

The app serves as a platform for organizing games with chips — conversion with them are made through verified agents, including Pokeroff.

PokerBROS has several features that make playing in the app enjoyable and fun.

Firstly, it has a cool design — simple and understandable menu, fun table layout, and comfortable functionality for playing.

Secondly, there’s a system of daily bonuses for active players, within which you can receive additional chips for playing. However, these chips are play money and can’t be converted by agents.

Thirdly, PokerBROS offers payouts from a special Bad Beat Jackpot. If a player loses at Hold’em tables with a hand from AAA77 and above, and there are at least four players at the table with a pot size of 10 BB+ at the moment of showdown, the unfortunate player receives from 15% to 85% of the jackpot amount (the exact % depends on the played limit).

Fourthly, the app has versions for iOS and Android, which can be directly downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. This is absolutely legal because playing in the app is only done with virtual chips (play money) — making a cash deposit directly into the room impossible. There is no app for PC, but you can open PokerBROS on it through the LDPlayer 4 emulator for mobile OS — on older versions and analogs, PokerBROS does not run.

Fifthly, there’s an option to use a HUD through converter programs in the app. Moreover, some clubs provide their members with additional perks related to software.

Sixthly, multitabling is available in the app — you can play up to four tables from one account. Adding tables is done in the top line of the app above the active table.

The peak hours of player activity at the tables in PokerBROS are from 18:00 to 02:00 GMT.

Pokeroff partner unions and clubs in PokerBROS (current list as of 29.03.2024)

Important! The map of Pokeroff partner clubs is regularly being updated — you can get up-to-date information from the Pokeroff VIP manager.

PacificaRed Panda
Contigency Fun
RGSThe Gold Mine
Nacion MexicoLos Mexacanos
Lucky Star (independent)

How to register in PokerBROS

For playing with chips only, you can simply install the application on your phone and start playing. However, to gain access to other games, you need to contact the Pokeroff VIP manager, choose one of our clubs, and then follow the instructions.

You can find detailed information on how to interact with each club, the minimum deposit size, the rakeback offered by each club, how the calculation is done at the end of the game, and so on, from the Pokeroff VIP manager by clicking on the button at the beginning of the page.

The text is up to date as of March 29th, 2024.