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Legendary Gamblers: Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase is like the poker player who always seems to have a winning hand. He flaunts a life of luxury, with his poker games drawing huge crowds. He calls himself a “degenerate gambler” and claims to have built his fortune on pharmaceuticals, cryptocurrency, and baccarat. But who is Mikki Mase, and where did all his money come from?

Over the past year, Mase has been on numerous podcasts, sharing his life story like a poker player revealing their cards. There’s enough material for a book, but let’s try to sort the facts from the bluffs.

Mikki Mase: From Where Did He Play His First Hand?

Mikki Mase burst onto social media in 2020, like a player going all-in. His TikTok and Instagram (@dirtygothboi) showcase a life of luxury: stacks of cash, beautiful women, casinos, and famous rappers. He’s like a walking royal flush.

In the poker world, Mase became famous for his wild plays at Hustler Casino’s cash games. His hands attract hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, like a high-stakes tournament. Viewers love his antics, saying poker needs more characters like him. But others question his wealth, wondering if it’s inherited, trust fund money, or something shadier. Is it crypto, a successful business, or maybe even baccarat winnings? Let’s investigate.

Fact 1: Mikki Mase was Born into a Jewish Family

This seems to be true. Internet sleuths uncovered his real name – Michael Meiterman – born October 27, 1991. This matches his birthday claim of being on Halloween eve.

He also mentioned growing up in a traditional Jewish family and gambling thousands of dollars with friends at his Bar Mitzvah, like a young player learning the ropes. His birthplace (New Jersey) and teenage residence (Florida) also line up.

Fact 2: He Inherited a Huge Fortune

This is a likely hand. Online forums speculate about his wealth, and Mase himself has mentioned a family history of gambling, including ancestors who owned a small casino in London 70 years ago. He was raised by his grandparents, who taught him card games at a young age, like learning poker from the pros.

But the real story lies with his grandfather, Morris Meiterman. A Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the US, Morris built a significant trust fund, likely the source of Mikki’s wealth. He had two sons, Steven (Mickey’s father) and Bernard. Steven was an NHRA drag racer and businessman, facts Mikki has confirmed. Both sons were convicted of bribery in the 1990s, which Mickey has also mentioned.

Fact 3: He Made His First Fortune with Pharmaceuticals and Rehab Centers, and Worked as a Wall Street Trader

This seems like a bluff. Mase has recounted a story of drug addiction and crime, including a stint in jail and living homeless in New York. He eventually got clean and worked his way up in rehab centers, eventually starting his own. He claims this grew into a massive network of pharmacies, rehab centers, and clinics.

He says he sold this empire in 2018 (coincidentally, the year his diamond-dealer uncle died) and moved to Los Angeles, where he invested in crypto and founded some successful tokens (names unspecified). Then, he transitioned to gambling.

However, there’s no evidence online of his supposed business empire. He also claimed to have worked at a Wall Street hedge fund at 21, but the company he named is a marketing firm. This “fact” appears to be a losing hand.

Fact 4: He Won Over $30 Million Playing Baccarat at Various Casinos

This might be true, but with a caveat. Mase has shown screenshots of casino accounts with seven-figure balances, including a $10 million win at the Venetian in 2021.

However, these screenshots only prove he has a lot of money, not how he got it. He could have bought in for large sums and played just a few hands. The full story remains unclear, like a hand with hidden cards.

Fact 5: He’s a Successful Gambler Banned from All But Two Las Vegas Casinos

This is likely true, but with a twist. Casinos do ban successful players, but they also ban disruptive ones. Mase has admitted to behaving like a “monkey with a grenade”, which might explain some bans.

He even brought a security guard and a casino employee onto a podcast to vouch for his legitimacy and high-roller status. However, their testimonies seemed rehearsed, and they didn’t confirm the $30 million figure.

Conclusion: Don’t Go All-In on Mikki Mase’ Stories

Mikki Mase is like a skilled poker player who knows how to play the game, both on and off the table. While he may have inherited wealth, his stories of business success and massive gambling wins seem exaggerated, like a bluff with a weak hand.

He’s entertaining and charismatic, but it’s wise to approach his claims with caution. After all, in the game of poker and life, not everything is as it seems.