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What Made the GGWF 2024 Memorable

The results of GGPoker World Festival 2024: comparison to GGWF 2023, the most interesting heroes and amusing situations.

On June 11, 2024, the flagship GGPoker World Festival series, with a total guarantee of $250,000,000, officially concluded on GG.

We compared the overall results with GGWF 2023 and selected a few standout heroes of the series for you.

Important! This article does not provide detailed results of GGWF 2024 — there were over 1.6K tournaments in four buy-in categories, making it challenging to tally up detailed statistics.

GGWF 2024 Surpassed GGWF 2023 in All Metrics

In 2024, the festival was on average 1.5 times “bigger” than in 2023 — even though the tournament guarantee was only increased by $50M. We compiled the key metrics in a table:

StatGGWF 2023GGWF 2024
Final prize pool$239m$341m
Number of tournaments1,0221,623
Leaderboard’s guarantee$1,600,000$2,500,000
Prizes for winners of leaderboardsC$85,000C$220,000

AllinPAV Achieved the Career-Best Cash but Was Left Unsatisfied

Throughout GGWF 2024, GGPoker streamer from Australia, Hristivoje “ALLinPAV” Pavlovic, tried to win a series tournament but struggled.

The series would have ended unremarkably for him if, on the last day, Pavlovic hadn’t reached the final table of the $210 Global MILLION$ Mystery Closer multiflight.

In a tournament with 27,085 entries, the $5M guarantee was surpassed by $417K. With discipline and patience, Hristivoje made it to the 3-max, where, after the first hand, he made a deal with Brazilian Alisson Miguel Piekazewicz and Chinese player “AKallin123” holding the second-largest stack of 33 BB.

The Joy of Hristivoje "ALLinPAV" Pavlovic at the Opportunity to Make a Deal

Hristivoje explained his decision to viewers with the simple desire to take $144K.

After this, the Chinese player was eliminated on the second hand, and Hristivoje and Alisson continued to play heads-up for another hour for an $800 bounty and the championship title.

As a result of the deal and the final play, the players received:

  1. Piekazewicz— 1st place, $178,851 prize + $6,590 bounty
  2. Pavlovic — 2nd place, $144,491 prize + $2,920 bounty
  3. AKallin123 — 3rd place, $137,695 prize + $1,580 bounty

However, despite achieving a career-best cash, “AllInPAV” was still dissatisfied that he didn’t win — he really wanted to leave with a GGWF badge. Nonetheless, he stated that he was proud of his result. The title would have been something to be even more proud of.

Hristivoje "ALLinPAV" Pavlovic's Disappointment at Not Winning the GGWF Badge

By the way, the top bounty of $500,000 from this tournament was claimed by the Chinese player “Hu999“, who finished in 164th place with $2,081 in prizes.

Two Brunos from Brazil Top the GG World Championship

Although there were many tournaments titled “Main Event” at GGWF 2024, the $1.5K GG World Championship stood out. This multiflight event attracted 7,513 entries, surpassing its $10M guarantee by $706,025.

A deal was made during the 3-max at the final table, after which the players continued to compete for the championship title. The outcome was amusing:

  • The winner was Brazilian Bruno Botteon, who took home $757,017.
  • The runner-up was also a Brazilian named Bruno, but with the surname Jardim, playing under the nickname “Depaulainspt.” He claimed the largest payout in the tournament, $847,852.

The third place went to the Croatian player “rieeson,” who also received more than the tournament winner, taking home $788,891.

Bruno Jardim and Bruno Botteon

Dejan Kaladjurdjevic Secures the Largest Prize of GGWF 2024

In April 2024, Montenegrin player Dejan “dejanlc357” Kaladjurdjevic made headlines on PokerOK by winning the $10.3K GGMillions Week Main Event, earning a payout of $1,588,584.

A month and a half later, he repeated his success in the $10.3K GGMillion$ Super Main Event at the GGPoker World Festival, claiming the largest single payout of the series — $1,688,889.

The final table of this two-day tournament with 1,202 entries played out like a dream for Dejan. After fluctuating between the chip lead and an average stack until the 6-max stage, he shifted gears to total domination, winning one showdown after another until the very end.

Interestingly, shortly before this victory, Dejan was the runner-up to Nikolay Voskoboynikov in the $125K Main Event at Triton Montenegro 2024, where he achieved a career-best cash of $3,196,000.

Dejan Kaladjurdjevic

“RomeoPro” Wins the Most Expensive Leaderboard

At GGWF 2024, players competed across four leaderboards based on buy-in levels:

  • Low — buy-ins from $2.50 to $24.99, prize pool of $250,000
  • Medium — buy-ins from $25 to $149.99, prize pool of $500,000
  • High — buy-ins from $150 to $1,049.99, prize pool of $750,000
  • Super — buy-ins from $1,050 and up, prize pool of $1,000,000

Compared to GGWF 2023, participants shared 1.5 times more in prizes this year — last year each leaderboard had a $400K prize pool.

The winner of the most expensive leaderboard was Ukrainian player Roman Romanovskyi.

Roman Romanovskyi

He scored 4,491 points and received C$100,000 (cash dollars) as a reward.

Winners of the other three leaderboards are:

HighJacopo OlivieriAustriaC$60,000