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Famous chess players in poker

Although chess has long been one of the most popular mental games worldwide, throughout the past ten years, the idea of a chess player has undergone a significant transformation.

One of the greatest chess players of all time, Magnus Carlsen, whose outgoing demeanor greatly increased interest in the game, is thought to be the greatest example of this.

I’m going to tell you about five elite chess players that either fully or partially switched to poker, why they were successful at it, and how far they’ve come in the game.

Magnus Carlsen

Sven Magnus Carlsen, who was born in 1990, is regarded as one of the greatest chess players in history.

At the young age of 23, he earned his first World Chess Champion title in 2013, and he has held the top spot in the FIDE World Chess Rankings longer than any other chess player, aside from Garry Kasparov.

Magnus once had a rating of 2882, having become a Grandmaster at the age of 13. Since then, he has been regarded as a wunderkind.

Magnus used to be quite interested in chess, but after he achieved complete victory, his attention has shifted somewhat away from the game.

Most recently, Magnus stated that he did not see the challenge in competing for the title of World Chess Champion and instead chose to concentrate on other matters.

Magnus, on the other hand, was rather visible when it came to his poker playing, having made multiple appearances on the well-known show “Hustler Casino Live,” participating in the Norwegian Championships Main Event, where he almost made it to the final table out of 1,050 players and in the EPT Monte Carlo.

It’s great to witness how a chess champion of such stature transitions to a new game and how successful he can be on the green felt, and Carlsen’s apparent enthusiasm in poker seems sincere.

Alexandra Botez

With a top rating of 2092, Alexandra Botez, a 1995 born FIDE Master, is far apart from chess greats such as Magnus Carlsen.

But more than anything else, Botez has greatly improved the game of chess because of her well-liked Twitch channel, which has attracted thousands of new players and made the game more well known.

Not only are Alexandra Botez and her sister Andrea excellent chess players, but they are also fantastic performers, which is how they became so well-known for a channel that focuses mostly on the game.

Likewise to Carlsen, Botez also felt the draw of poker and took a chance, making his public poker debut on a big “Hustler Casino Live” game with players like Phil Hellmuth and Mister Beast.

Botez was victorious from this match and went on to win multiple HCL matches after that.

Even while she still has a lot of limitations when it comes to her poker skills, her obvious love for the game and overall aptitude for games have allowed her to win against both amateur and expert players to date.

While it’s unclear if Alexandra will commit to poker more seriously going ahead, it’s certain that young chess players like her have a lot to offer the game and, should they decide to pursue it, may develop into outstanding poker players.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith, who is only sixteen years old, already had a chess ranking of 2,100, which would have probably been sufficient for him to pursue a professional career in the game.

Smith chose to pursue a career in poker after realizing there were more worthwhile uses for his intelligence than chess, a game in which only the greatest can genuinely excel.

At the young age of 18, Dan Smith entered the world of professional poker, and he never looked back. He succeeded in gaining almost $40 million in prize money from tournaments, making him one of the most well-known figures in the poker world.

His extraordinary poker success is evidence of what brilliant brains can do in this game if they put in the necessary time and effort, and it may act as motivation for many other players who are seeking a change of pace.

Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington, a name that some in the poker business may not be familiar with because it predates them, is one of the greatest poker legends.

Prior to taking up poker, the 1995 WSOP Main Event winner was a National Chess Master and had even won the Massachusetts Chess State Championship in 1971.

It’s no surprise that Action Dan was so successful at poker either, since his sharp thinking allowed him to effortlessly compete with the best at the green felt.

Dan Harrington authored some of the most important books in poker history, demonstrating what accomplished chess players might accomplish in the poker game with determination.

James Obst

This Australian poker champion was a teenage chess prodigy, much like Dan Smith. At the tender age of 15, he had already attained a rating of 2,100 and had made three appearances for his country in the World Junior Chess Championship.

When Obst was younger, he became interested in online poker after seeing how much money could be made from the game. He never really looked back.

James began dominating online poker, winning many SCOOP titles, a bracelet from the 2017 World Series of Poker, and numerous other honors in addition to millions of dollars.

Obst is a fantastic encouragement to anyone with a strong chess rating who may be thinking about a future in poker. He is just another outstanding example of what chess players can do in the game of poker.

That’s all I wanted to tell you today. Do you believe that chess experience is essential for playing poker or can you be a competent poker player without knowing how to play chess?