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Asian poker rooms are getting more and more popular every day. Most commonly they are represented by mobile apps, which are predominantly populated by Chinese middle and high stake amateurs. These rooms do have some features, which need some time to get used to, but that fact is completely compensated by a vast majority of weak players.
For security reasons, Chinese poker rooms operate on a private club system. To get access to these clubs you need to get an invitation, which we can provide you with. We give access to a large amount of the most secure clubs in China. Admittedly, there are no ordinary bonuses in these rooms and most of them don't even have their own rakeback system. Nevertheless, fields of weak players compensate for this fact and allow you to win even more, than in European poker rooms.

In Asia, poker software is available only from mobile apps. We can help you with this, by providing you with the software, with which you can play comfortably from your computer. We will even guide you through setting up the software and assist you in case of any issues. This is middle and high stakes poker and by this reason, the minimum deposit is 500$.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact one of our VIP-managers and we will find a suitable room for you with the best offer.
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