PokerSpades: high stakes poker against amateurs from China!


  • We will register for you
  • Help in setting up the emulator and the client
  • 100% deposit safety guarantee
  • Online agent for depositing/withdrawing funds and solving all issues
  • A Scout for searching clubs with good games

  • Access is granted to players with a deposit of at least $ 1,000
  • 1 account allows you to play only at 1 table
  • Need to check statistics everyday

About PokerSpades

    PokerSpades is a mobile poker room from China with cash games up to NL1500. The previous name of the room is PokerKingdom. The game is played in closed clubs. Regulars come here to play against Chinese amateurs.

    The game in the room is played from mobile devices, but Pokeroff clients get special software for multi-tabling and playing from the computer.

    The maximum limit is — NL1500. Minimum — NL30. There is only Holdem (HU, 8-max, 9-max) and Omaha (6-max). All tables are with ante (1 SB), most of them are with straddle (1-2 BB).

    You can play only at one table from one account. According to the rules, for multi-tabling you need to create several accounts.

    To activate one account you need to make a deposit of $1,000. You will get game chips and gems (for buying time-banks). You can top up your balance via our consultant.


      You will find middle and high stakes tables at any time.

      • After 24 hours from the start of the game our consultant will give you a link to the statistics.
      • Statistics update every 24 hours. The tables played after 12:10 (GMT-4) are displayed after 48 hours.
      • If you have noticed a mistake, you need to report it to a Pokeroff consultant immediately.

      Rake and commission

      There is no conventional rake. It is replaced by 3 types of the commission:

      1. 10% commission from the buy-in when you enter the table (calculated in chips, 1000 chips is approximately $1);
      2. 5% commission from the win when the table closes;
      3. 10% commission from the win during the cashout.

      10% commission from the buy-in. This commission is displayed when you sit at the table or buy chips. It is counted in game chips (not in yuan). For example, with 10,000 buy-in the commission will be 1,000 chips, which is around $1. The following game is counted in yuan.

      5% commission is calculated from the difference between the buy-in and the final sum at the closing of the table.


      • You joined the table with 10,000 chips and left with 20,000. The commission will be 500.
      • You joined the table with 10,000 chips, left with 8,000. No commission, because you didn't win.
      • You joined the table with 10,000 chips, bought additional 20,000 chips, left with 25,000. No commission, because you didn't win.

      Registration process and the game

      To create accounts you need to contact Pokeroff agent and arrange a deal. Our agent will create an account for you and give you access to it. All nicknames in the room are created in Chinese, you can't change it.

      To get an account you need to make a deposit of $1,000. All transactions go through our agent, and we give 100% guarantee of the deposit safety. Even if the room closes, you will get your deposit back.


      Is it safe to play in the room?
      Clubs monitor the security of the game. Every club has its own rules and they can penalize players for their violation. Our scout collects trustful clubs with good games. In the same time, we strive to direct our players in different clubs to make their game more profitable.

      Clubs receive complaints about team play and other violations. Players can get expelled from the club or penalized.
      Buying chips and cashouts
      You can buy chips through a Pokeroff consultant. After you make a deposit, your chips can be exchanged at any time — to do this, please contact a Pokeroff consultant.

      Withdrawal is done via Skrill/Neteller by a Pokeroff consultant.

      Pokeroff guarantees 100% safety of the deposit, regardless of what is happening in the room.
      How the cashouts are done?
      Pokeroff carries out cashouts two times a month. To order a cash out you need to contact a consultant and tell him the desired sum or ask for clearing-off.
      PokerSpades limitations
      • 1 account allows you to play at 1 table. To play at several tables, you need to launch several accounts, but they shouldn't intersect at the tables;
      • It is forbidden to miss blinds or going into sit out;
      • It is necessary to check the statistics site everyday;
      • Complaints about errors in statistics are approved in 3 days.
      The game is led in Chinese yuan (CNY). In most clubs ante is 25-50% from the BB.

      Typically, the tables are created for 3-4 hours then they are closed. Money, carried in as the buy-in, as well as the win, is unavailable before closing of the table. After closing of the table players balance is recalculated.
      The mobile client has basic settings: filters, four-color deck and regulation of raise size. For each player there are statistics available: number of distributions, VPIP and PFR.
      Why do I need to deposit $1,000 on the account?
      Access to the room is given to players of middle and high stakes. The money is stored on your balance and is available for buying chips and cashouts. Pokeroff guarantees 100% safety of the deposit.