PokerClans: High stake Sit&Go and OFC against amateurs from China!


  • Easy registration process
  • Traditional lobby with a selection of tables
  • Sit&Go and OFC (Pineapple) against Chinese players
  • Personal manager for transactions and assistance

  • Interface is in Chinese language
  • 1 account allows you to play only at 1 table
  • Minimum deposit — $500
  • No emulator support

About PokerClans

    Pokerclans is a mobile poker from China with Sit&Go up to 800 CNY (~$115) and China poker (Pineapple) up to 20 CNY (~$3) for points. Unfortunately there are no cash games. Regulars come here to play against Chinese amateurs.

    The game is for mobile devices. Emulators are not supported at the moment. You will have to use several smartphones for multi-tabling and play without HUD. You can play only at one table from one account.


    Interface is in Chinese and games are played with CNY.

    Sit&Go. Only 6-max tables Holdem. Turbo-Charged blinds. A lot of tables with stakes from 50 CNY to 300 CNY.

    The maximum limit is 800 CNY (~$115). Minimum — 50 CNY (~$7).

    Rake in SnG is 10%.

    OFC. The most popular format in the room.Chinese poker, also known as Pineapple. The tables are created for a limited amount of time. After the time runs out, the balance is recalculated. All tables are 3-max.

    The maximum stake: buy-in up to 8,000 CNY (~$1,160) with 20 CNY (~$3) for one point.

    The minimum stake: buy-in up to 8,00 CNY (~$115) with 2 CNY (~$0.3) for one point.

    Typically, tables are played for 30 minutes. Money used as a buy-in, as well as the prize, is unavailable until the table is closed. After the table is closed, the balance is recalculated.

    MTT. Tournaments are played every day with buy-ins from 100 CNY (~$15) to 800 CNY (~$115). Most frequently you will see 9-max tables here.

    Registration process and the game

    To create accounts you need to contact a Pokeroff agent and arrange a deal. Our agent will create an account and give you access to it. All nicknames in the room are created in Chinese, you can't change it.


    How to make a deposit?
    To activate an account you need to make a $500 deposit. Deposits and cashouts are carried out by our agent. Cashout is done via Skrill/Neteller.
    How are the cashouts done?
    In order to cashout, you need to contact a consultant and tell him the desired sum or ask for clearing-off.
    There are basic settings and stakes filters in the menu of the mobile client. There are no players statistics and HUD is not supported. The client is in Chinese language.

    Use our instruction to get to know English equivalents of the buttons in the lobby and at the table.
    Why do I need to deposit $500 on the account?
    Access to the room is given to middle and high stake players. The money is stored on your balance and is available for cashouts or buying chips at the table. Pokeroff guarantees 100% safety of the deposit.