Pokeroff is the largest affiliate in Russia and CIS. We work with middle and high stakes players from 2006. If you know players from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, ask them about us. Many well-known regulars use our services.
About us
Our awards

We was nominated as "Best Website for Poker Affiliate" by iGB Awards for 2019.

iGB Affiliate Awards is one of the biggest gambling industry nominations worldwide. More information
iGB awards
China is experiencing a poker boom and more players are willing to play there. Our team is a partner with Chinese intermediaries for a long time, so we are aware of every nuance. We have our own translators, accountants and support team. We have the widest choice of clubs. We collect mining by ourselves, carry out payments in a day and set up all the necessary software.

More and more English-speaking players contact us to play in Chinese rooms. That's why we have created this site - to give you the access to them with the most profitable terms.

Benefits of working with us

1. Account is ready to use
We will register an account for you and give you access to it. You don't need to learn Chinese, we have our own translator.
4. Easy to use interface of the account
It's not an Excel table. It is a service with clear interface for checking results, chips requests and payments.
2. Comfortable computer game
Our specialist will set up an emulator and install the layout for you, help you with statistics and give you the mining.
5. Active support
We have 3 operators that give access to the clubs, take chips orders and cashouts requests.
3. Payments are done in 1 working day
We have opened an accounting department to process players' transactions faster than others.
6. The largest choice of clubs
Our Scout will help you choose a new club with profitable games.