The Rules of 8-game Mix Poker

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The Rules of 8-game Mix Poker

8-Game Mix is a special mix of several types of poker, which makes it possible to play all the most popular variations of this card game in a single format. This particular form of poker became popular in 2006, when the World Series of Poker WSOP introduced the first HORSE tournament with a buy-in of $50,000.

Thereafter, the world’s largest poker room PokerStars added three varieties of poker to the HORSE format.  These were: 2-7 Triple Draw (Lowball), No Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. So now the modern 8 games format is also called THORSEHA (the abbreviation for all the types of poker). So what games are included in the 8 games?

8-Game Mix Poker


  • T - 2-7 Triple Draw or Lowball (Limit)
  • H - Texas Hold'em (Limit)
  • O - Omaha Hi/Lo (Limit)
  • R - Razz (Limit)
  • S - Seven Card Stud (Limit)
  • E - Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
  • H - Texas Hold'em (No Limit)
  • A - Omaha (Pot Limit)


Game rules for H.O.R.S.E. 

Traditionally the 8 games format is played at tables of 6 people. The types of poker change over periods of time (e.g. one blind level in the tournament), or after a fixed number of hands played (usually six). A game of H.O.R.S.E. starts with 2-7 Triple-Draw then limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo (Limit) and so on through the list above. 

The process for changing the game of poker at the table may vary; it all depends on the rules in a poker club or the software in a poker room. If you play online, usually the current version of poker is displayed in the title bar of the table.

What you need to know to play HORSE

If you want to play 8 games, then you need to know the basic rules for all the popular forms of poker. If you have not seen them, then you should investigate the following articles:

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