PokerTracker review

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PokerTracker review

Along with the programs for collecting poker statistics which are well-known to any professional player, such as Holdem Manager, there are interesting (and somewhat more comfortable) equivalents. One such program is Poker Tracker. The program is very flexible, the user is given a tool that can be configured exactly as it suits them.

To store and work with the statistics, the  program requires a powerful database, the Poker Tracker database server uses PostgreSQL. It can be downloaded for free in advance from the official website , or, if this is not possible, Poker Tracker will automatically offer to download the most suitable version for your system.

Along with Hold'em, Poker Tracker also works with Omaha, the price of the license key depends on the needs of the player:

The license for the product is sold for life, with the option to use it on two computers simultaneously. The license also includes all future updates for the current version of PT4. Also included is the ability to upgrade from the earlier version PT3, or to upgrade the license (Small Stakes includes only cash games to nl50 and tournaments with a buy in up to USD22).

Immediately after installation you will be prompted to configure the currency, import hands in specific rooms, and choose a theme for the cards and replayer.

Also included is the ability to convert the database from a previous PT3 version, HM1/HM2.


HUD (heads up display) — this is the main tool in these programs , allowing you to make a rough description of the opponent starting from 10-50 hands played with him at the table (if you have a bigger amount of data collected - you will be able to make an in-depth analysis ). Yes, at the same table - it means that when you play Zoom poker- after folding, the program still "searches" for the end of the hand and make appropriate changes to the database.

The HUD in PT4 has a very flexible configuration, there is a huge set of stats for all occasions complemented by the possibility to make your own relatively simple formulas (this is within the ability of anyone who is reasonably mathematically capable) and the ability to add custom stats, downloaded from the official PT4 forum, or from other external sources.

It's also very easy to customize the appearance, you can configure everything - the font, colour, spacing, prefixes, suffixes. Amongst the functionally for each article, you can specify the position for which it will be displayed (eg, Fold to Steal from SB).

In addition to the direct HUD there is a detailed pop-up-window (activated at the table by double -clicking on the Hud). The pop-up is divided into 5 tabs - Tools (general information), Preflop, Flop, Turn and River. Each tab contains detailed information on the street, with a separate section for actions in 3bet pots.  If necessary, the information on each tab can also be edited into a form which is convenient for you.

When you are at the table, the tabs over each player will be arranged according to how you have previously defined them in the settings. PT4 shows the place at the table for a given number of players in each room. If the window is located inconveniently, close to a button and so forth - it can be moved by simply dragging it, then save the layout (see below).

In the top part of the PT4 floating icon, (its presence in itself means that you have configured the import correctly as well as the tracker for the selected room) is functional and is divided into two parts. In one of them you can change the template, store the layout, lock it etc.

The other shows recently played hands, in particular, a specific hand can be directly assigned a label, for easy parsing in a subsequent session.

When the mouse is over a certain stat, the  display shows more detailed information (e.g. fold to cbet 33% - in the session 0/2 in general, for all time 2/6).

Working away from the table

The program has three main tabs needed to work-Play Poker, View Stats and Community.

Play Poker

This tab is dedicated to hand imports and the relevant settings. It is configured primarily through the automatic import of folders which are specified in the poker rooms' settings as the default directory to save the hand history.  Poker Tracker can often find these folders itself. It also indicates the directory where PT4 will save processed hands immediately after import. In addition, for each site there are some rules configured, which will be reflected on the display of the HUD - "Favorite place", Autocentered presence, works with Zoom-poker and its equivalents and so forth.

Along with automatic import, you can import hands manually (file or directory). Also on this tab, the Poker Tracker interface allows you to run the established poker rooms directly from the program.

Prior to the session, press the "Get Hands While Playing" button. If a mistake was made when linking the poker room and the tracker — on the Import Status subtab you can view the log files and identify the problem (all errors are displayed in red font).  If it is set properly, you will see something like this:

View Stats

The main working area of the program. On the right, there are graphics and key facts e.g. the win rate/player statistics (depending on the selected sub-tab, Results/Statistics). There are various options for displaying information, which are conveniently filtered (By Stake, By Position, By Session, By Date).

In the process of parsing the session you can choose your hand and see it in a replayer.

In the left part there are filters, both basic user-created. The filter system is very flexible - if you want, you can explore any sample, depending on the details of the session, hands, the board texture and so forth.

In the subtab Graphs, you can see more information in graphical form ( so beloved by all who follow the red/blue line and EV).


This tab, which opens the Poker Tracker site in the program window access the search engine on a web site where you can read the latest news, talk on the English forum, contact the support, change your account settings and download custom themes and stats created by other users.

PT4 has a pretty active community, which means that there are a lot of programme updates. The forum has a lot of user participating actively in the discussions, including the developers themselves.

Possible problems

  • Speed importing hands - depends on the power of the machine, PT4 is quite a resource intensive tool. For the average player, playing a few ordinary tables, the average configuration is fairly standard. However, personally I play up to 8 zoom tables on PokerStars, the main problem was that it was slow to move on to a new table (a delay of a few seconds) , plus the database needed 5-10 min to “update” after the start of the import. The problem was solved by a full upgrade of the system (CPU Core i7 + 16 + SSD- memory disk) , now everything flies along.
  • Language. To correct imported hands - the client should work in English. Besides the name of the directory, where the files are being saved by the room or transferred by the tracker, should not contain special characters. This error is often associated with the name of a user account in Windows ( C:/Users/Günter/AppData/...).


PokerTracker 4 - a powerful and useful tool that will pay many times the money spent on the license. If in doubt, there is the trial period of 30 days (separately for Hold'em and Omaha), during which the user can just decide for themself whether they need the program. More information and frequently asked questions can be found on the program's official website.

Information on the additional features of the software can be found in the review of PokerTracker's additional features.