PokerTracker review: additional features

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PokerTracker review: additional features

This article is a continuation of the previous review of PokerTracker


In addition to basic information on the tab View Stats (default is Report: Overview), you can select other options (REPORTS) to display the accumulated database - from the drop-down list Report. Those of interest include:

Player Summary — the list displays a brief description of all the players on whom statistics were collected for the period.

Final Hands at Showdown - hands at showdown

Holdem Hand Range Vizualizer - a powerful tool for the analysis of individual profitable hands in different situations during the period.

In addition to these, there are several other reports and the ability to create one's own, using filters (Sub-tab My Reports)

Working with the DB

PT4 offers useful tools for working with the database such as a backup, recovery, indexing, and so forth.


NoteCaddy is an equivalent of XM . The tool does not need to be bought separately, it is included in the basic license. Basically it works to make auto-notes on the accumulated database (this happens automatically during import) , if there are stats "Notes" in the HUD looks like this:

Equity Calculator

Equivalent of PokerStove:


Tool to identify problems in one's own game. It works by comparing the Hero's performance with that of other players in the same area.


Additional paid tools for monitoring the tables and seats selected.


PokerTracker 4 - a powerful and useful tool that will pay many times the money spent on the license. If in doubt, there is the trial period of 30 days (separately for Hold'em and Omaha), during which the user can just decide for themself whether they need the program. More information and frequently asked questions can be found on the program's official website.