Managing your bankroll in a right way

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Managing your bankroll in a right way

Bankroll - this is money that you attach to the game. They do not have to constantly be on the account, but you should be aware that playing poker , you risk only this amount, and not all the money that you have.

Why do you need a bankroll , why have a reserve in his account , when you can play right away with all the money in the big games?

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If you choose to approach poker seriously as a lesson, in the near future will bring you good returns , you must understand a few things:

  • Confidence in themselves and in their game - success. You will always be uncomfortable , if you know that next hand can leave you without money. Bankroll allows you to feel comfortable at the table - are you ready for the game and are not afraid to lose, nothing to distract you .
  • In poker you can not make a million overnight - on the road to success , you will pass through a long series of gaming sessions. But any of them could end badly for you. This is the risk that understands every poker player understands. And to bet all your money many times in a row is not the best idea. This strategy is more appropriate for roulette instead of professional poker.
  • Your bankroll allows you to stay on at the high stakes and win big money. It's one thing when you rebuy at the table for your $ 3,000 and risk losing everything at once, because the luck factor in one session is too large and quite another - when during the month you re-buy at many tables for $100, you win less, but constantly and without any risk. Bankroll is the basis of a stable income.

The size of your bankroll allows you to determine at what rates you can play to achieve the optimum balance between return and risk.

If you play at too low stakes, with a large bankroll, you will move up too slowly - your capital is "working badly" and will not bring much income. If you play games with too high stakes, then you give yourself into the hands of luck and may lose all your money.

Bankroll management

So what you should have as a bankroll for the game? Since there are different types of poker there are different and specific bankroll requirements for each of them. Below we will explain the bankroll rules for cash games, multi-table tournaments (MTT) and Sit-and-Goes (SNGs)

Bankroll for Cash games

When playing for cash it is advisable to adhere to the following rules: to play at a certain limit your bankroll needs to be at least 30 buy-ins.

This rule applies to the lowest limits. However, the higher you climb the ladder of stakes, the more you will need a bankroll - winning becomes more difficult and thus the risk of losing increases, you will need to be thoroughly prepared for this:

If your bankroll drops below the level of 20 buy-ins for the current limit, then you should immediately drop to the previous limit and rebuild it there. Remember that in poker you can always lose. In such cases, you have to force yourself to go to the lower limit and improve your situation - a loss in a couple of sessions could happen and not be your fault , but the loss of an entire bankroll will definitely be on your shoulders!

Bankroll for SNGs

Bankroll management for Sit-and-Goes differs somewhat from that for cash games. In these tournaments you will immediately need money to take part, and this amount will be called the buy-in. When starting out in SNGs, your need a bankroll worth with 40 buy-ins for the lowest limit and constantly increase it for all subsequent limits.

The reason lies in the greater role of luck in the tournament - you deposit some money and play a very small number of hands with it. And as you probably already know, in poker a valid result is determined by the results of a large number of hands played. And so it is very likely that on the way to the money you're not lucky and you leave the tournament with nothing. Tournaments and failures are almost synonymous, no one can win every tournament .

Such losing streaks can last a very long time - sometimes 10-20 tournaments in a row! Therefore for SNGs it is especially important to have a sufficient bankroll, which will allow you to experience a losing streak and finally win first place!

Also for these tournaments, the rule of descent by limits still applies : if you do not still have at least 40 buy-ins for the current limit, you should immediately go down to one level below.

Bankroll for MTT

Our recommendations for MTTs will be largely similar to the rules of bankroll for SNGs, but multi-table tournaments have a very significant difference. Because they involve a large number of players , the chances of getting into the prizes are smaller and therefore losing streak can last a very long time. Sometimes it will seem that you do not reach the prize area for ages. However, the reward for prizes in tournaments varies from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Have a couple of good tournaments, and your efforts will pay off with a vengeance!

For all limits above $ 1.1 your MTT bankroll should be 100 buy-ins or more. Always remember this: many famous tournament players today are forced to borrow to participate in tournaments, simply because they have not learned such a simple rule.

If you are on a losing streak and on your current limit you have 60 buy-ins or less, then you should immediately descend to the level below to recover your losses . Remember: the main thing — the more tournaments you play, the greater your chances of winning!


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