How To Stop Putting Roll And Other Important Things Aside: 10 Hints

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How To Stop Putting Roll And Other Important Things Aside: 10 Hints

You should have read this article a week ago, but you haven't had the time, it was raining, the new series of Game of Thrones was on, your friend was getting married, your partner was on vacation, we launched an update, you had to trim your cat's fur, there were loads of new cool funny videos on the internet and you had to watch all of them.


Every day, everyone of us is on Facebook, or surfing sites to look for amusing pictures, or playing Xbox, or chatting on Skype instead of working or educating ourselves. We realize that we have wasted the time we were supposed to use to do certain things, but still … you just keep sitting there, dumbly staring at your computer. Do you know this feeling? If you do, then you are a victim of procrastination as well, or to put it another way, you regularly put off important stuff and attend to meaningless, trivial things. We are busy with trifles and we kill our own time.


The problem is also the fact that unlike trivial laziness, devilish procrastination tortures and torments us. “I should have been playing, but I haven't started a single table!” - With this in mind, I surfed different forums on psychology, and gathered together a few simple hints that will help you fight this horrible problem … wait … I'll grab myself a cup of coffee … maybe complete a few more levels of Candy Crush Saga … then I'll get to writing this article …



1. Admit that you have a problem. This is identical to alcohol anonymous. Stop blaming certain circumstances for interrupting the things you needed to do. The root of your problem is internal, and only after do you realize that will you be able to take the steps to sort it.


2. Do not create too strict a schedule for yourself. Don't over-pressurize yourself, as procrastination is a psychological problem and it's important not to push yourself so much. Make a short list of the important things that you need to get done tomorrow. Be realistic – do not put a “to do” to roll for ten hours straight on PokerStars … nine hours is enough …


3. Start with something simple. Make a list of things you just have to do, but start with something easy first, then move on to the difficult ones. Once you've completed the easy tasks you can look back, and it will help you realize that you are capable of doing the complicated ones as well. The main thing you need to do is to start to manage your time properly.


4. Change your approach. We are all feed up with “must” and “need”, so forget them. Instead, simply think “I want to do this”. There are no such statements as “I must roll two hours in Zoom”, there is “I want to make some money playing Hold'em for a couple of hours”. This kind of statement is way more inspiration for activities and wins.


5. Watch yourself. “Hey dude, why are you surfing sites for three hours straight instead of doing what you have planned?” Why are you doing what you should not be doing, and neglecting the thing you should be doing? Are you afraid of a negative outcome? Are you scared that choking several buy-ins may turn out to be a catastrophe? Ask questions, and analyze yourself.


6. Do not be afraid of mistakes. If you are too afraid of failing, then you are not likely to make the attempt. We achieve most goals by a series of small steps with plenty of mistakes along the way. Making mistakes is nothing to be afraid of.


7. Blow your depression off. Having made a mistake, or having not completed a task, take it on the chin as a defeat for yourself (and for others if necessary). Complain to your friends a while then make sure you avoid such mistakes in future. This is the route to success and a bankroll in the thousands!


8. Don't allow you friends to lead you by the nose. If they offer you an alco-chess match at 2pm on Tuesday, followed by a visit to Ikea to buy a new sofa, think how much damage it will do to your plans. It's great to have a rest and fool around for a while, but probably right now you have your important stuff going on, so put the fun stuff aside to the evenings or the weekend.


9. Give yourself credit. Have you done everything on today's list? Then give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yourself to something funky, as a reward to how great you have been. Little things that are done often help lift your spirits a lot.


10. Do it NOW! Sometimes things have to be done that are really not much fun at all, such as looking through last year's list of played hands, or a visit to the dentist. Shut down your computer and do it now! It's just like making a parachute jump – the more you stand and think about it, the less likely you will actually get around to jumping.


And, if you are simply too exhausted to really do anything today, to take your mind off things, just do something useful. Read a book, or do some sit-ups, three sets, 15 reps each. Or better still, search for a job working at McDonalds or Burger King – that will probably give you enough energy to do what you have to do immediately!