How are we going to play? TAG style and a couple of words about Multitabling

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How are we going to play? TAG style and a couple of words about Multitabling

Truism: the fewer the starting hands we play, the better we learn to play.

How are we going to play? All these intricate styles that are described above — they are used by professionals, playing at high stakes. We'll be playing much softer games. The fact is that most of our competitors are very bad players and do not understand even the most basic poker strategies. To beat them, we do not need clever tricks but good cards and situations where we have the best of it.


Style of play — TAG                     


We will wait for good cards, strong hands and profitable opportunities to relieve the enemy of their money. However, we will not get involved in the game if our cards are not good enough and we do not believe we can win. This style is called TAG (Tight Agressive). Tight - because we will play only strong, good cards and we will not come across them very often. Aggressive - because, when we have such cards, we will try to squeeze the most from them and crush the enemy's stack.

We will learn to play very tightly, coming into the pot with only the best starting cards, which means we will play about 8-9% of starting hands.

This can make for a very boring game. We will fold our cards and fold again, playing one hand out of ten when we have good cards. Not everyone is able to withstand such a strenuous routine, and here we have the benefit of the opportunity online poker offers - multitabling.




It turns out that in online poker we can play multiple tables at the same time. How many exactly - you decide for yourself, guided by the speed of your decision-making and the size of your monitor. We'll start by playing two tables at the same time, and then you yourself will increase this amount at its discretion.


A normal young man or woman who does not suffer from any defects of vision or slow concentration will be quite able to manage 8-10 tables using the strategy that we will learn.


But not all at once! Start with two and increase the number gradually as you develop and understanding of the strategies and of what you are doing.


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