Greg Merson sells action for One Drop

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Greg Merson sells action for One Drop

The champion of the WSOP Main Event 2012 has recently started a thread on TwoPlusTwo where he offers everyone interested a piece of his action "at face value" should he play the upcoming One Drop tournament with a million dollar buy-in. Here's what he proposed to the poker community:


Hey guys, this is Greg Merson. Im starting this thread to see what type of interest is out there for buying me at face in the One Drop this summer.

I would plan on taking 100-150k worth of my action.

You can PM or just post on here, i think i would want to sell in .5% increments.

Let me remind you that Greg Merson is not only a WSOP champion but also an honorable member of Team Ivey. According to his last post on 2+2, 34.5% of his action for One Drop is already confirmed as sold, so you might want to hurry up and book your share of the action to rail this professional player at the upcoming super-highroller event.

Good luck to Greg!