Governor of Poker Game Review

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Governor of Poker Game Review

Today, it would be tough to find a player who has never heard of poker. Several years ago, poker was only played by dedicated poker fans, but now millions of players across the globe gather to do battle every night at the tables. Poker gaming has become available over social platforms thanks to PokerShark, ZyngaPoker, Sodapoker and for example, many of which have games which are not only available for play in your favorite browser, but also on smartphones and tablets. These games allow you to have fun wherever you are – just having a reliable internet connection is enough.

Sometimes, you may find yourself somewhere where the internet is inaccessible, and you will not be able to settle down to a few hands with your friends. You can still play though – just use an app where your opponents are virtual, not real people.

Today, I would like to tell you about the excellent Governor of Poker game that first appeared on our monitor screens several years ago and quickly won the hearts of millions of mobile game fans.

It would not be correct to class Governor of Poker as a poker client. The game has a small RPG component, allowing players to return time and time again to earn money and reputation points. The higher your score, the larger the number of tournaments you can enter, and the more locations become open to you. There are thirteen locations in total which simulate the atmosphere of the old Wild West, complete with rangers and cowboys.

If you are not a RPG fan and would prefer just to play poker there is a quick mode available in the game which just finds you a seat at a suitable table.

You also receive rewards for the gathering of certain combinations, or victories over an opponent, and you receive a medal for each achievement. Your achievements are listed in your rewards list.

Texas Hold'em – the most popular poker variant – is the game you will be playing. There is always a large diversity of tournament types to keep you interested, and bets increase with each new victory, so keep a close eye on your bankroll. If you play properly, soon you will be beating everyone and you will become the real King of Poker!

At the moment, Governor of Poker 2 is available. The RPG component here is developed further, and you can now not only spend your money to participate in tournaments buy you can also buy your own saloon! To become a saloon owner you need to play Heads-Up with the current owner, and the game will decide if you can become the new proprietor. The game is very addictive – just give it a try for five minutes and you'll soon be playing it until late at night. Waste no time in clicking the links to play poker (iOS, Android) or Governor of Poker 2 (iOS, Android). You can also buy a premium version for $14.99 where all the additional options shown in the picture below are available.

If internet-absence is not an issue for you, and you'd prefer to win real money and not virtual chips, then we recommend you give your attention to the great no-deposit bonus programs and exclusive offers from Pokeroff.