Filter it (Part 2)

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Filter it (Part 2)

In this article you're not going to learn how to win your first million or who will tighten up the RNG at the revived FTP or any other such nonsense. You will only learn the truth of the vast opportunities offered by our favourite programme - Holdem Manager 2, which makes it possible to find, read and destroy our opponents, making our graphs more beautiful, and our bankroll thicker :)

You can read the first part of the article here.

I will begin with a brief description of all the features of the window "Filters"

Basic filters

The top window is simple - currency, blinds, room, ante and skill of players.

Position and Action

Hero's Position — self explanatory.

Raiser's Position, 3-better's Position and Limper Position position from which there was a raise, a 3bet and a limp.

Preflop Action Facing hero - choose acts before the Hero acts preflop.

Basic filters

Here is a selection of the most basic filters, in the opinion of the creators XM2. You can select yes/no.

Quick Filters

A selection of the most sought after combinations of several filters to deal with typical situations.

The following tabs:

Hole Cards (Holdem and Omaha) All elementary - select the desired range of hands.

Board texture - structure of the board

Hand Values - hand strength

Filter by actions - your actions in the streets. Eg raise call will give a situation where you raised, the opponent reraised and you called. It can be either open raise/call/3bet or 3bet/call/4-bet.

Filter by Bet size - can identify patterns such as the optimum bet size for stealing, 4 betting etc.

Advanced Filters — for all those situations that can not be filtered using the above tab, you can filter them with this.

So why is all this necessary?

1. To get rid of selective memory , prejudice , guesswork. To acquire a clear understanding of your real and not contrived imaginary problems, such as "at the new limit everyone 3bets me " or "no one here folds to my 4bets." Here are some concrete examples:

How often do I get 3bet ? (to see how many times you get 3bet use Advanced Filters/Faced Preflop 3bet and for preflop raises use Basic Filters/Quick Filters/Pre Flop Raise)

How often do I get 4-bet? (similarly, Advanced Filters/Faced Preflop 4bet and Advanced Filters/3Bet) If you are only interested in a situation where you 3bet with garbage, you must specify the appropriate range in the tab Hole Cards

Is it bad news when your 3 bet is called? (Advanced Filters/3Bet, Faced Preflop 4bet=False, Saw Flop, see win rate).

How often do people fold to your 4bets?

Do they frequently 4bet when your raise?

That's enough examples, I think you get the gist.

2. To answer the question "do I play well in these situations?" For example:

Are your raises +EV? (Basic Filters / Quick Filters / 3Bet; Hole Cards tab we click Select All and remove the nuts)

Similarly, you can see squeezes, raises 4bets with garbage, floats, etc.

Of course, the phrase "do I play well" means in comparison with your best possible win rate. Win rates in the same situations may differ considerably between different individuals and it does not necessarily reflect different levels of skill. The win rate is always influenced by many factors, for example the win rate in situations involving cold calling can be impacted by % cc, range of hands (i.e., what exactly our Hero made the call with, e.g. pocket pair and connectors, or the nuts and a strong Broadway), as well as all the post-flop stats regarding your opponents, all of which contribute to your decision as the preflop aggressor. Specific values for a satisfactory win rate in different situations can be found only by gaining experience of digging in databases.

3 . The most important and complex framework of analysis in order to identify the causes of undesirable patterns, ie holes in your knowledge and understanding of the game logic. Such an analysis is often accompanied by an analysis of the game's top regs at your limit, collating own hands and socializing with like-minded people. But it all begins with the button "More Filters". Here are a couple of examples :

Calling in position with suited connectors .

Tab Basic Filters, opposite Relative Position choose In Position; Then go to Hole Cards, first click ON opposite Suited Connectors and Suited 1 Gappers, then OFF opposite Suited Broadways; Filter by Actions / Call

Late 4-bets.

Hole Cards tab, click Select All and remove the nuts (assume that the definition of nuts - depends on the limit, the characteristics of the game and the positions); Advanced Filters/Raised Preflop 3Bet; it is best to scroll through the result obtained for all items separately, because in early position and the blinds 4-betting for value is a significantly different proposition. To do this, use the tab Basic Filters.

When the result is not satisfactory, it is important to determine the cause — this usually requires some serious brain work. The reason may be incomplete understanding of a particular action because of a lack of mathematical calculations/ incorrect logic or psychological barriers. When you know the origins of your problem, getting rid of it will not be difficult .

Goodbye for today, GL & HF and happy hunting ;)