Filter it (Part 1)

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Filter it (Part 1)

HoldemManager is an irreplaceable program for any modern online poker players and the vast majority of players simply can not imagine the game without this wonderful program. Parsing hands without stats has long been associated with looking at tea leaves and any difficult decision during a game is taken solely staring at popups, although the majority of players out there see very little. 

After a successful session, they all look at the "sessions" tab and admire the result. Some, even novice players, build grandiose plans, based on the profit of one day.

After a failed session, they all focus primarily on the same tab. Bad luck usually motivated by EV.

And if there is no bad luck, then various thoughts come to mind about the most compelling coolers and other things that HoldemManager does not understand and is not going to understand...

As an analysis of the sessions, many players use hands or trite analysis of elementary things like sagely looking at VPIP and PFR and drawing some conclusions. But why? Too stupid and lazy to understand all of these filters and to want to win. As a result, they tend to zero gain , dull posts on forums whining about bad beats, an abundance coolers, etc. etc.

Today I'll try to tell you a bit about these mysterious and unfathomable things :)

So, where to start in the analysis database.

1. Look for performance indicators.

To do this, take the first key figure and look for filters that show exactly those situations that are relevant to this indicator. In order to do this, you need to understand what all those filters actually are.

Click filter/edit, select the tab more filters

Now we need a little logic. Let's see what these filter mappings mean.

VPIP = True This filter will leave only those situations when you voluntarily invested money in the pot. Similarly, PFR = True will leave those situations where you did raise before the flop. It is important to understand that 3-bet and 4-bet is also considered a raise and therefore will be included in the PFR index.

Could 3bet = True shows a situation in which you could 3bet

Did 3bet = True shows situation where you did 3bet

Faced preflop 3bet = True shows situations in which you faced 3bet

For example, consider a situation where we have called someone, i.e. cold call

Could cold call = True means that we could cold call someone

Did cold call = True shows a situation where we did cold call

I.e. we need to add a filter did cold call and click on save and close ;)

Thus, we can see almost any situation we want to. For example, are you interested in the situations where you do not fire a second barrel? We were the preflop raiser, we were not 3bet, we did not 3bet. We bet the flop, we were not raised and the opp did not fold. On the turn, we could have bet, but did not. In the language of the program, all of the above is as follows:

Now I can sit down and analyze the situation for a second barrel ;)

Playing with filters, you can get not only the right action, but also establish bet-sizing and the size of the pot. For such cases there are special filters like Preflop Raise Size / Pot is Bigger Than which lets you parse, for example, your style of minraise or min 4-bet.

All filters are provided for each street, and then on the river you can choose filters for everything about the showdown. - Was there a showdown, who won and how much, etc.

In short, we have talked about all basic filters and I even showed a little bit about how to use them. If I have not mentioned something important and interesting to you, be sure to write it in the comments. The next part can be read here.

That's all for today folks!