Don't talk gobbledygook?

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Don't talk gobbledygook?

Everyone is familiar with the situation when you have a difficult decision and you start to rush, not knowing what to do. I don't know what to do, I'd rather fold, or vice versa, to hell with him I'll call. Or is it now I'll put in the 3rd barrel or "now put - oh, he did not give up, I won't put in any more, then if he does not fold, I won't lose a lot on the bluff."

What causes such a doubt? Misunderstanding how to interpret the arisen situation - and how to respond to it.


The general process of the game is very similar to the process of conversation. If a passer-by on the street says to you " Can you tell me how to get to the library?" you understand that they want you to tell them where the library is and how to get there. If you go to the supermarket checkout with a basket packed with groceries, when the cashier says: "That'll be", you realize that she wants you to give her a coin for the goods purchased and not dance the hokey cokey. But if someone on the street says to you: "Don't talk gobbledygook?" or the cashier says, "Are you Mr X", then you don't understanding what is wanted and can not respond adequately. Adequately , it means that in the first case, the person was not offended and in the second, to go with the products , giving the cashier what he wants , ie the mysterious Mr X.


So, now we bring this analogy to poker. Why do we play poker. If we are not talking about those who play for fun, in order to win money. Incidentally, many players do not understand this undeniable axiom. Most beginners and low-stakes players play to pick up a good hand. But these aims do not always coincide. Because if you 're only playing with strong hands, then how you are going to win money? After strong hands go all players with the same frequency.


So, again if we want to win money, then every game situation should be viewed in terms of benefits, rather than what we have in our hand.


Furthermore, on the street and in the store , we need to understand what a person says and what he wants and in poker we have exactly the same problem. When your opponent makes an action, he thus says something about his hand, e.g. if he raises a cbet with a draw on the board and at the same time his raised a cbet is 7%, he says that he has at least combo draw and 2pairs+, and he wants to build the pot to win the money we have and because, I remind you, our primary goal to make maximum benefit, in this situation, it means that we need to not lose money.


To make it absolutely clear, if you have aces in this situation and you decide to go up against a tight opponent, then the dialogue between you is as follows.

Opponent : "I have 2pairs+, I raise , because I want you to put a lot of money in the pot and I'll take it."

You : "I do' give a damn what you've got, I have aces and you have money."

This is equivalent to you going to the supermarket, carrying groceries worth 4000rub.  Reaching the checkout, the cashier will say, "That'll be 4,000 rubles," and you tell her, "No problem, here's 100 bucks." It is unlikely that you will buy something. And it is unlikely that this approach you will win money in poker.


Thus, your main task, if you want to win - is to understand your opponent. Ie to know what his range is in all situations, and what you can do to play for the maximum benefit.

Ie if you raise AK, the opponent calls and the flop came K98ss, your reasoning should look something like this . Said opponent called the flop, call it 10%, 8% 3bet, then he tells me that his hands are all pocket pairs, broadway and little AXs and connectors. On this flop, he will often miss, sometimes he'll have the second pair, draw or king worse. His fold to cbet is 40%. If I put in 7bb, then the opponent will call (i.e. also invest 7bb) with second pair, draw, king worse (this makes about 90% of the hands that will call me ), as well as a set and 2 pair (such hands make 10%). So I put in a continuation bet, because it is profitable, he and I put the same amount into the pot , and in most cases I will win.


Ideally you should think like this in every hand you play.