7 Card Stud Rules

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7 Card Stud Rules

Seven Card Stud (7 Stud) is a classic poker game, it appeared before all the famous Omaha. A distinctive feature of Stud is that players are dealt not two, but seven cards, five of which should be used to make the strongest possible hand.

Traditionally, 7 Stud is played at limit stakes, i.e. the bet levels are set in advance, but other options are possible, such as pot-limit, although they now almost never occur.

Seven Card Stud Hands

In Stud games, as in Hold'em, a standard system is used to determine the strength of hands. The stronger your hand, the better your chance of winning. If you are just starting to get to know poker, then you better look at the full list of all high hands in poker.

In this form of poker, each player gets dealt up to a total of 7 cards: three in the dark (seen by the player only) and four in the open (seen by everyone). But we should remember that the hand is made up of five cards, not seven. For example if your hand is A♥,A♠,3♣,4♣,3♦,6♠,6♦ your hand is not three pairs, but only two, made from the five best cards: A♥,A♠,6♦,6♠,4♦.

Action and betting streets


Ante - a mandatory bet, which is made by all players at the table. Usually it is 1/10 the size of the big blind. In Seven Card Stud, each player sitting at the table has to pay for the right to participate in the hand. Once all players put up an ante, the dealer begins to deal cards.

Third street

Despite the name, this is the street when the cards are dealt, each player gets three cards: two face down and one face up. After this is the order of play is determined by the player who has the lowest card visible in their hand. This player must "the bring it in" and start the betting with the first mandatory bet. Next, the action passes to the next player at the table in a clockwise direction.

If two players have the same lowest card, then the bring-in is determined by suit. The lowest (worst) suit is clubs (X♣), then diamonds (X♦), hearts (X♥) and spades (X♠). If your are lowest with 7♣ and your opponent has 7♥, then you bring it in.

Fourth street

At this stage, each player receives another card face up. But then the first player to act is the one who has the strongest combination of two open cards. If your two open cards are 9♦8♥ and the enemy has 5♣7♣ then the action is on you, because the hand with the 9 high is higher than the hand with the 7 high. After determining the first player the bidding process continues clockwise.

Fifth street

On fifth street everyone is dealt another card face up. Here again the player with the strongest board opens the betting.

Sixth street

Again, each player receives another open card, and then the player with the strongest (highest) board opens the betting.

Seventh street (River)

At this time, each player receives a final card face down. Here again the player whose open hand is the strongest is first to act. After the final stage of bidding all the remaining players in the game compare hands and determine the winner.

Showdown to determine the winner

Showdown begins with the player who made the last bet in the hand. If there was no betting on the seventh street, the player in the earliest seat shows first and the action follows clockwise.

The pot is won by the player with the best high five-card hand. If several players have the same winning hand, the pot is split between them. Then a new hand is dealt.

A special feature of 7-Stud for a table for 8 players

In exceptional cases, when 8 people are at the table and they all got to seventh Street, there are not enough cards in the deck to give each of them one more card. Therefore, the dealer places one of the remaining cards on the table face up. This acts as a common card.

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